Extending the Reach of Memory through Skin Expression

  • Maria Manuela Lopes


This paper draws on a dynamic bridge between the visual arts, neurosciences and design, in the development of an artistic project (Emerging Self) in the intertwines of the biotechnological/artistic/skin artefact. The artistic research explores the idea and matter of the body (human, animal, digital) presenting, testing, articulating and imagining relationships between biological needs and cultural behaviour, society challenges and the emerging of a sense of self, interaction and memory. The body is considered an archive, surface and interface, as drawing and state of becoming. The skin is taken as interface between emotional and physiological states, between surface of sociocultural demarcation and self-expression, between a map of lived experiences and a mask. The tattoo is introduced briefly in its relation with permanence, identity and in its proximity to the biotechnological interfaces. I argue that when the emotions and memories are directly connected with body changes and visible to the other, the perception of the collapse of distances may push to a self-reflexivity and changes in the collective behaviour.

Jun 12, 2018
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