Reflections on Art and Science:

computational art applied to art, architecture and design


This article reflects on the action of making art as an activity that is, and should always be an instrument of opening the doors of perception, of showing new poetic and aesthetic assemblies, of unveiling sensibilities, of fighting against stereotypes, of expanding sensory aspects and of intensifying the cognition of the lived moment. In this way, by emerging at the level of consciousness, these aspects can cause transformations. Such transformations will be effective if they are based on the techniques that propitiate the action of making things. In this context it is important to reflect on the outcome of this production thinking of how to present it to the public, in space and time. In the article computer art, architecture, drawing, and sculpture are considered as different aspects of the poetic reality enmeshed in them, aiming to make visible the potential latent in the body, in the materials, in numbers and their relationships, in interfaces interweaving body and machines, among many related aspects.

Jun 12, 2018
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