International title validation


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pdficonProgram Regulation | Title recognition (page 16) [Portuguese]


General Procedures


IMPORTANT: Bring all original documents accompanied by a regular double-sided copy, or copies certified by a Brazilian notary public.

I. Application addressed to the Dean requesting recognition as per the attached template (Portuguese);
II. Original Diploma or certificate containing the visa from the Brazilian Consulate based in the country where it was issued;
III. Original School records or equivalent document containing the visa from the Brazilian Consulate based in the country where it was issued;
IV. Undergraduate diploma or proof of course completion If that was done abroad, you will need the visa from the Brazilian Consulate based in the country where it was issued;
V. Original identity card (RG for Brazilians, and RNE [National Foreigner Registry] or valid passport for foreigners) or registry request filled with the Federal Police Department;
VI. Bound copy of the thesis, dissertation or equivalent;
VII. Original Marriage Certificate, in the case of applicants who had their name changed after the issuance of the diploma, due to marriage;
VIII. Statement from the foreign University stating the student registration status;
IX. Student’s statement about the effective time studying in a Foreign Higher Education Institution;
X. Curriculum vitae of the supervisor of the dissertation or thesis;
XI. Copy of the minutes of the dissertation or thesis defense, with identification of the examination committee and the evaluation result, or equivalent academic assessment document;
XII. Documents provided by the institution that issued the diploma, containing general information on the Institution, as well as data and characteristics of the course regarding selection procedures, deadlines and requirements for the defense of the dissertation or thesis;
XIII. Visa (for foreigner students);
XIV. Copy of the passport, with information on the entry and exit from the country where the student studied;
XV. Proof of residency in the country where the student took the course.

In the case of Diplomas obtained in Courses taken in Institutions that do not require formal credits in courses, the stakeholder should submit information relating to the Institution of origin, duration and characteristics of the course, provided officially by such Institution (no Consular Visa is required);

The documents referred to from topics II to XVI of item 3.1 must be accompanied by photocopies, which are not required to be authenticated by a notary public, upon presentation of the original ones;
France and Argentina have agreements with Brazil so consular visa is not required for school documents;


The documentation must be delivered personally by the stakeholder at the Graduate Program Office, or by their legal representative, through a power of attorney.

During the analysis of the process, the Graduate Committee may request other documents and/or translations to resolve any questions or disputes that prevent proper instruction and consequent decision.


The Graduate Committee will analyze the documents delivered and issue a detailed opinion about the feasibility of recognition or equivalence of the activities and the project submitted by the applicant, within 45 days from the date such documentation is delivered and acknowledged by the Graduate Program Office.

If the request is denied, the applicant can appeal the decision to the Graduate Committee by submitting it within ten days from the date they are notified of that.

If the appeal is rejected in all instances by the University, the applicant can still appeal to the CNE’s Board of Higher Education. (see Paragraph 3 of Art. 4 of CNE/CES Resolution No. 1/2001 [Portuguese]).


After delivering all the documents, the applicant must wait for an email to be sent by the Graduate Program Office with a bank slip for payment.
The fee to be collected after the delivery of documents is BRL 2.360,70. And due date will be 10 (ten) days.


After evaluation, if the recognition is approved by the University, the diplomas department will request that the applicant deliver the original Diploma so it can be validated.
The deadline for completion of the diploma validation process will be 120 days.

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